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The MyHealthATVanderbilt portal is a great way to ensure that all of Vanderbilt University’s top providers meet your healthcare needs. The site makes it easy to find the health information you need, including Medicare Part A and Part B plans.


The myhealthatvanderbilt website is a website designed and developed by the University. It is a portal through which students, faculty, and staff can access the health plans offered by Vanderbilt University. The portal also offers online applications and a variety of resources.

My Health at Vanderbilt is designed to help students understand the healthcare system. This university offers a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and undergraduate degrees in various fields such as health sciences, public health, clinical psychology, geriatrics, nutrition, social medicine, pediatrics, and more.

MyHealthAtVanderbilt Mobile App

The Health At Vanderbilt app allows you to create and upload your medical records to your account. It’s a great way to create a virtual copy of your recordings. This is particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. When selecting a doctor’s office or clinic, you can view their contact information along with photos of their physical offices.

Access your current MyHealthAtVanderbilt account in the app to:

  • Look at your dataset.
  • Send a message to your doctor’s office.
  • Request a team
  • Customize your meeting place
  • Manage your profile information
  • Create a PIN for Instant Access


  • Connect your Apple Health account to get health data from your devices directly in My Health.
  • You can schedule appointments and view medical records from anywhere with internet access.
  • If you don’t have internet access, you can also use the program to schedule an appointment via email.

You can see if you qualify for Medicaid or other coverage. Additionally, you can choose the kind of coverage you currently have. Health insurance. With a medical history report, you can also see your risk of heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and even weight gain and loss.