Myhealthatvanderbilt.com/signup is a convenient service to track and manage your health. Get direct access and family access with your profile. With the high quality services they provide to their customers, you will be amazed at what they can achieve for you. View your health status in the Vanderbilt Health History Report.


You can also view your medical history through the portal. You can also keep your medical information confidential and always ask your doctor to correct inaccurate information the next time you visit the clinic. The Health app at MyHealthAtVanderbilt allows you to take your clinical records with you and transfer them to paper.

It’s a great way to create your own virtual duplicate recordings. This is particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. When selecting a doctor’s clinic or center, you can view their contact details as well as photos of their physical offices.

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Registration Process For First Time Users?

My Health At Vanderbilt is easy to use, with simple navigation buttons on the home page. Some links will take you to the program’s main page for quick access to your medical records and appointment scheduling. This program not only makes it easy to access your records but also makes it easy to book appointments and call a doctor’s office.

The program is also ideal for people who do not have access to a computer, as it allows them to download their medical records to the PC.

  • You can print your records, create a virtual medical record, and print all your doctor’s correspondence.
  • When sending or receiving e-mail, you can view your e-mail from any ISP that allows you to send and receive e-mail.
  • The program is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Makes it easy to use your Vanderbilt medical records anytime.


Login Process For Registered Users

The My Health At Vanderbilt app allows you to log into your personal account without logging into the real Vanderbilt program.

  • You can create your own username and password.
  • You can also access your own medical records on the Vanderbilt website.
  • You will also send and receive emails from Vanderbilt if you have consented to receive email notifications.
  • That way, you can see upcoming appointments and receive notifications when your doctor’s offices are open.
  • The program also provides an easy way to access and change your username and password.